Discover the Lamia Philosophy

We present the Lamia Philosophy, a lifestyle in which our Lamios are experts: spaces designed for rest, a unique natural environment, rest and disconnection, giving importance to the present moment and enjoying good gastronomy.

Come to the Reckrea accommodation to UN-LEARN, to KNOW THE LAMIA PHILOSOPHY, a unique experience that you will only live in our rural accommodation.

Navarra Boutiques Hotels

Another way to understand the tourism.

As each person is different, we serve our clients in the most personal and close way possible, transmitting our admiration for the environment that surrounds us and making the best rural tourism in the most sustainable, respectful and harmonious way with it.

Our hotels are our reason of being.


What are the lamios?

Legend states that the fist Lamio was sighted in a small boutique hotel in Navarra that took care of the rest of its guests and its unique environment. Nowadays the lamios only appear in places so peaceful and close that they are a seal of rural quality.

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Discover the secrets of Navarra in person

Rural tourism is in constant connection with the environment that surrounds it. Ask us about the best plans and activities to carry out in our territory.

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