Commitment to Navarra products

We bet on Gastronomy

Commitment to quality and people

Local Products

Our land is rich in corps, fruits and vegetable gardens and in raising livestock of different species, so in our commitment to economic development and sustainability, we acquire the products the we serve in hotels in our own town and regions.

We try to create synergies with the environment by weaving networks of people who work for the cultural, economic and sustainable development for the territory, using them to improve the quality of life in the town every day.

We adapt our menus to each season

Seasonal dishes

We make our dishes with the traditional recipes that we have been learning and carrying from generation to generation, and that in the time of our grandmothers meant taking advantage of local products grown in the home garden.

A fusion of flavors and textures

New cuisine and tradition

We adapt the gastronomy of our rural hotel keeping the base of the recipes of the traditional typical dishes, adapting them to the trends in current cuisine, to complement the best activities offered by rural environments with unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Good plate of borage, some piquillos peppers or a stew of local legumes, we adapt the dishes to stimulate your senses and offer you innovative dishes with the same flavor as always.

Our wines

Navarra en Persona

From the beginning we have attend our guests in a personal way since we are the best example of everything that Navarra can offer them, dedicating time to guide them through our territory and through the lesser-known hideouts of Navarra.

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The most original plans

An excursion by bike on the banks of the Bidasoa river or by mountain bike through the Bardenas Desert… As each person is unique, Navarra offers alternatives plans for each of them. We inform you!

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