Discover the Lamia Philosophy

We present the Lamia Philosophy, a lifestyle in which our Lamios are experts: spaces designed for rest, a unique natural environment, rest and disconnection, giving importance to the present moment and enjoying good gastronomy.

Come to the Reckrea accommodation to UN-LEARN, to KNOW THE LAMIA PHILOSOPHY, a unique experience that you will only live in our rural accommodation.

Listen to nature. It is full of spaces with life.

It's time to reconnect with nature and with ourselves. It's time to look around us and live special moments in nature. Unlearn the noise, connect back to what's important.

Stop to look. Stop to enjoy.

It is time to leave the mobile in the room of the rural accommodation where you are staying. It's time to raise your head and enjoy what Reckrea's surroundings offer you: beauty, friendliness and varied activities to enjoy alone, with family, with your partner or with friends.

All the comfort at your fingertips.

If we call our lamios “welfare elves” it is precisely because they only appear in the places where you can rest best, that is, the rural accommodations of Reckrea. Check that you only need one afternoon in our gardens and terraces to feel comfortable.

The most peaceful corners and rural accommodation.

Reckrea lodges are full of places to reconnect and learn the Lamia Philosophy of rest and self-care. Un-learn, relax, recharge your batteries by practicing various sports and activities in nature.

Raise your head and connect with the environment. It has everything you need.

The towns and rural settings that surround our accommodations are ready for you to come and enjoy your stays with us. Marked paths, the best routes and all the beauty of our forests. Let yourself be guided by the Lamia Philosophy.

We take care of you with the best local products.

Unlearn, return to the essence, eat well again. At the Reckrea restaurants we take care of you with the best local, seasonal, healthy products from our own gardens. Start eating like a lamio, savor our land.


The value of details.

Who could blame the lamios for wanting to live in our quarters? Each stay is designed and cared for with care, so that each of your moments with us is memorable. Learn to enjoy the details again.

What are the lamios?

The Lamios are little spirits settled in the towns of Navarra who live hidden in the most peaceful and quiet boutique houses and hotels. They lead a peaceful life and are fascinated by the natural that surrounds them.

To get to know them better, book in our hotels.

Our hotels are our reason of being.