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The Spirits of well-being

What are the lamios?

The Lamios are little spirits settled in the towns of Navarra who live hidden in the most peaceful and quiet boutique houses and hotels. They lead a peaceful life and are fascinated by the natural that surrounds them.

The history of the Lamios

Legend states that before they arrived at our hotels, they were nomads in search of places with good gastronomy, incredible landscapes and peaceful surroundings, and that they did not find them until they reached the boutique hotels of Navarra, where they settled.

If you see one, there are many

We have to warn you, if you see one; it is that there are many more out there hiding and resting. But we cannot blame them for looking for the best place to live in, and we take such care of details that, who would want to leave?

They are very skittish and sensitive to noise.

The Lamios adore rest and silece above all so, if you see one, please do not panic and shout, we try to maintain an environment that ideal for rest and disconnection from day to day, and for the Lamios as well, sure.

They only appears in peaceful places

There was a time when we tried to get them to move to other hotels, but after long negotiations with the Lamios we recognized that as well as in our establishments they were going to be anywhere. The Lamios are also a meeting point for Reckrea since they can be found in all our hotels.

The best quality seal

Now, every time we come across a Lamio in the hotels, we simply smile because we know that they have chosen a place as unique as ours to stay and live. Discover tranquility and practice the Lamia philosophy in our Reckrea hotels.

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The most original plans

An excursion by bike on the banks of the Bidasoa River or by mountain bike through the Bardenas Desert…
As each person is unique, Navarra offers alternative plan for each of them. We inform you!